About beach clean up efforts in Norway

While in Tromso, after coming back from the Arctic cruise, I had the pleasure of meeting with Bo Eide. Bo is a forest engineer who took interest in marine debris for a while now. By his own initiative, he started drawing attention to the problem of marine debris, in the form of beach litter in Norway by organizing beach clean ups. Although Norway is a fairly clean country and there are fines and regulation for littering, its coastal shape is likely to retain impressive amounts of litter.

Bo depends on volunteers to help with beach clean ups as well as some funding to dispose of the collected debris. In some European countries, you cannot show up to a waste deposit with enormous amounts of litter for disposal without paying any fees. So Bo explained to me that all of the funding goes to be able to actually get rid of the collected litter. Once again, in my humble opinion, if you are cleaning a national patrimony without getting paid for it and cleaning it from trash that does not belong to you, there should be something to support you on that.

Another way Bo has been able to raise awareness on the marine litter issue in Norway is through a video he and some of his colleagues put together. The video points out the marine debris subject in Norwegian beaches and invites the common citizen to not only mind their own litter, but to spare an afternoon and volunteer to help. The movie was nominated for a Panda award, which is like the Oscars for Environmental Movies! đŸ™‚ Very impressive! I would like to pay my respects to Bo for his brilliant work and for raising the marine debris flag in Norway.

Below, you can find the video and some quite impressive, as well as depressing, pictures of the beach clean ups in Tromso.

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All images by Bo Eide

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