Hear ye, Hear ye!

Until September 12th you can comment on Ireland’s marine environment monitoring programme!!

Yes! So here’s how it goes: The Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) is an EU legislation that basically sets some rules for the health of the marine environment of the Member States. To achieve the Good Environmental Status (GES) countries have to meet the set targets until 2020. To ensure a healthy marine environment is to work across a whole set of different indicators, and after a first assessment, Ireland has to develop a monitoring programme and that is where you can have your say!

A first draft of Ireland’s proposed monitoring programme is up for public consultation! How funny is that the public hardly ever knows about public consultations? If you care about Ireland’s marine environment and want to comment or suggest something or even just know how it works, have a look at the document on the website below. Comments and suggestions are welcome, but should be made by using the given template (which is very simplified) and sent to the Department of Environment on the indicated email.

It is very important if you have valuable comments that you take this opportunity to speak. Don’t forget comments will be received until Friday, September 12th, 2014. Speak up!

Click here to view the document and leave your comments.

photo 2

photo 1Dog’s Bay, Connemara. You’d definitely want to preserve that. Images by Heidi Acampora.


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