The use of beached bird surveys for marine plastic litter monitoring in Ireland


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Hi everyone!

It’s been a while now. In the last few months I have been busy with lab work and writing up, so there hasn’t been much time or exciting news to blog about, but I’m happy to say now that our first results on the Republic of Ireland Beached Bird Surveys have just been published! I have teamed up with great co-authors to improve the work and get some baseline work on seabirds and marine litter for Ireland out there!

About 27% of the birds we have sampled, from 12 different species,  have ingested plastics. It’s frightening, but we can do something about it by reducing, re-using and disposing responsibly of our plastics. And of course, collecting beached birds for more research. There is always more research to be done!

You can download our new paper on the link below for free during the next 50 days! Or email us if you have any trouble doing so.

The use of beached bird surveys for marine litter monitoring in Ireland

BIG thanks to all the RIBBS volunteers. This work is also yours!

Heidi Acampora




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