Welcome to Plastic Tides!

I am a seabird researcher based in Ireland, where I have been researching the impacts of plastic pollution on seabirds for the last five years, where my PhD and postdoctoral research have taken place. My studies on seabirds affected by plastic pollution started during my masters degree in Australia, where I researched the ingestion of plastics on Short-tailed shearwaters (Puffinus tenuirostris) and on sea turtles (another passion of mine, along with seabirds).

I have, for years, been appalled by plastic pollution and have seen up close the impacts it can have on wildlife and the environment. This blog is a way of sharing my research and the efforts we can make to prevent, reduce and mitigate plastic pollution.

I have created a project called The Republic of Ireland Beached Bird Survey (RIBBS), in which volunteers walk the beach and collect and report dead seabirds so they can be used for plastic ingestion research. This type of research provides us with information such as species affected, the potential effects and the interaction with specific types of plastics, so we can try and advise environmental policy.

Thanks for reading, and if you would like to join our project or find out about ways to reduce your plastic footprint, please, contact me.




Heidi Acampora

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